I’m a self-taught artist. I am primarily a painter for the time being, but I deeply enjoy and practice a range of creative activities including: writing (novels, short stories, philosophy, poetry, plays, songs, essays, stream-of-consciousness); music (composing, piano, singing, playing the guitar poorly); stand-up comedy, photography, sculpting, carving, woodworking, carpentry, designing, architecture, up-cycling, and all around finding inventive ways to do things. I’m unsure if I enjoy working with my hands more than delving into a deep thought; I’m a sort-of modern Jack-of-all-Trades meets Man-of-Letters.

My life has been defined by wild transformation, and I always seek to grow and develop myself. I am an Ex-Mormon Agnostic-Atheist, I suffer from a few mental illnesses; some hereditary, some exacerbated, some acquired. I am a fighter though, and I refuse to give up despite my handicaps. I’ve turned them into a coping mechanism that allows me a unique, albeit eccentric, perspective. So I can take it with heart and in good-nature. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army where I was an operator and maintainer of the Patriot Missile Launching Station (Patriot Missiles are made to destroy enemy missiles before they can kill anyone). After my service I studied Philosophy and English in college. I am basically the standard starving artist.

I’ve shifted from Ultra Right-Wing to Strongly Left-Wing and presently find myself a little Left of Center. I try to think pretty independently. I highly value compassion, empathy, responsibility, foresight, dignity, humility, honesty, integrity, fortitude, courage, innovation, and justice. My entire theory of ethics is extremely complex and not entirely defined, but the short of it is rather akin to a Nicomachean Ethic in a blender with a peculiar sort of what I call “Deontologically Inversed Aesthetic Consequentialism” If you can work out how that word-salad makes sense then you probably already understand it in its entirety. One day I will elaborate in great detail on it. I intend for it to be my magnum opus. With my luck I’ll finally run across the Philosopher who already thought it up; it wouldn’t be the first time I came near to a conclusion that a great thinker had already led society to before I knew of them.

For now though I focus on my creativity, art, and Aesthetic theories; They are magical things to me. I often feel like my heart is a hurricane raging violent tumult. but there is a nirvana in the eye, a place of silence peace bliss isolation and harmonies, art has given me that center. I hope to help you all to see it as I do.