Your mask flashes translucent to transparent.

 Sore gashes and slashes, stand lucid n’ barren.

 Four lashes burning like ashes, slapped fast tearin’

deep in the back of your mind; I’m starin’.

Cracks expose your soul and it sickens me.

 Now quit hissin’ an’ listen; your act isn’ trickin’ me.

You play like an angel, benign, innocent, victimly.

When down inside hides your black sack of venom. See,

I know the game and I’ve tracked the score.

So throw away that lame frame that you practiced for.

What’s earned was stolen, a flame crackled fourth;

burned away my kind part. Bitch, I was forged by war!

Smoke churned the fray to display a flayed cage receding.

It was splayed out and inside was my iron heart beating.

dismayed by justified I returned in the rain bleeding.

No need to rehash it, but fuck it! I’m seething.

You feigned n’ cheated, but I’ve learned the misleading.

That your type pass themselves off as helpless and needing.

The naïve believe they dash like elves to your leading.

Pleading conceding their heated remains for your feeding.

Boys trained but boring, defeated, and drained; leave you snoring.

Look not my way, I’m no slave for your conceited breeding and whoring.

Be realistic, I’m beyond your sadistic-masochistic exploring and goring.

See I’ve pegged you down and there’s no place to hide.

I’m sure you’ve tried, lied, and even threatened suicide;

but I’ve got your flavor. See you later; and as for that threat?

Do us both a favor.

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