A Swift Modest Proposal

You ever find yourself to be the butt of a joke, and realize the even though you are the butt of the joke; the joke is undeniably funny?
Not only is this how life with Asperger’s Syndrome feels in it’s entirety.
But it also is summed up Q. E. D. in the name itself.
Think about it: a syndrome often highlighted in its possessor’s near genius comprehension of singular abstract topics and interconnections of abstract things; in a person who is so socially uncomprehending that they can not help but literally make an outsider of themselves. And what do you name it?
“Asperger’s syndrome”!?!?
For the love of god can’t we get it a better name than that!?
I mean for people who are already having a such a difficult time identifying exactly why they are having such a difficult time. You give them one of the least desirable sounding labels imaginable?!
Where in decent psychology did that gem of an Idea come from? The universe has been an asshole enough to people with this syndrome; talk about insult to injury.

I move to immediately formally change the name of Asperger Syndrome; to any thing else. All in favor say aye.
Please share this message with any professional psychologists you know.
Do you know how many of these poor souls are out there and likely are turned away from unity and finally finding a sense of inclusion by a terribly chosen name.
Confucius was right about the Rectification of Names; and he was probably an Aspie too come to think of it.

If I could have one good Life’s work Please give me this.

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