Odd. . .

Strange; I was walking my friend’s dog this evening as a favor, and as I came home a man in a car on the street started his car up and drove slowly by me. He was looking straight at me with out giving any sort of body language at all. He drove by me and then turned a corner and stopped so I stopped walking and looked straight back at him. and we stared at each other for about 30 seconds to a minute, then he slowly drives off. I start walking toward the corner he turned around and after about a minute here he comes driving back at the corner looking at me. Then he drives slowly around the corner which I am now standing at and staring straight at me drives back to where he parked the car out front of his house.

It was pretty strange to say the least, If it happens again I think I’ll record it and try to ask him some questions.

I am not sure if he lives there, but he got out of his car and walked to the house he parked at still staring straight at me. I hold my arms out like can I help you with something? do you have an issue you need to discuss? why are you driving so strangely around me. He wasn’t doing anything intimidating, he made no threatening gestures. He just looked at me almost as if confused or suspicious. I don’t know if he is just a bigoted  against me because of my skin color, or if it is the tattoos beard and long hair that make think I am up to something;
Maybe he is an agent of the Deep State letting me know they can hear me, and telling me to shut up. The problem is the deep state is already seriously killing our society for their personal gain. So they have nothing to threaten me with no matter what I do the worst case scenario for our world is quickly nearing unavoidable.
We raced exponential reproduction against limited resource and un-renewable environmental resources and we have depleted or poisoned this wold of it’s bounty. When the weather cycles shift even a little we will be in severe threat of not being able to produce an adequate number of crops to support our already totally human inhabited world, much less when the elderly live even longer and children keep being born in unmanageable numbers. And we are approaching a robotics age where the machines will be able to replace the vast majority of human workers. What do we do when all the consumers have no jobs? We’ve gotta figure that thing out like yesterday because if these two juggernauts meet; our present society with those conditions They’ll have already killed most of us anyway. So why the hell shouldn’t we speak about it? We are in deep shit America.

So am I paranoid? It’s weird right?
I’m not sure what to think, but a whole boatload of weird things keep happening. And they are confirmed by other people in society so if it is me losing my mind, then how the hell is it so exterior to me? Take the movie Moon-Raker, James Bond the old one with that Jaws guy; well at the end of the movie Jaws smiles his weird metal mouth at this girl in glasses and she smiles back and they comically fall in love because she has braces.
Except now in the movie she doesn’t have braces? Like what! I remember that clearly, it’s what makes the scene make sense; it’s why the scene is so cheesy-amusing and pulled out as it is. Now she has no braces and the scene is just odd and rather pointless.

And I am not the only one who remembers this and is odded out by it.

Why does weird stuff keep happening; I keep seeing an repetition of the oddest of synchronicites, archetypal characters, and meeting uncommon people.

Like earlier I was walking my friend’s dog and I came across a man walking his dogs. Well I stopped because the dog I was walking has been a bit isolated and I asked if his dogs were friendly. and they were; they were well treated large well behaved dogs. very friendly. so I was talking to him while our dogs socialized for a bit and turns out he is an artist; I he eventually invited me to look at some of his paintings he has and the are nice; he is a good artist; he is doing some large work on like 8 foot wood boards; he is a cool guy and has an extensive knowledge of arts and recent musical cultures. He starts telling me some wild stories about his history as an artist; he is an older guy who went to art school back in the 90s and got mixed up in the San-Antonio Scene. It gets wilder and wilder until So fantastical that it defies belief; but he had all sorts of resources for me to check. And so I had to get the dog home and we had networked a bit for potential art business opportunities, and I started home and that’s when there is the guy in the car. Like what is going on today? Everything seems so scripted and uncommon. what a peculiar day. Literally a Wacky Wednesday. Maybe tomorrow will be more regular. Because this whole day has been a bit surreal.

Anyone else have a weird day?

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