Primordial Future: Chapter One: Part One

Chapter One: Part One:
“There was the plane of potential. Some called him Abzu. Stoic, calm eternities of breathless slumber passed observed and unnoticed within his endlessness. There he would have pleasantly dozed in his half-hibernation if not for the other; some may call her Tiamat. Abzu and Tiamat were, are, and forever will be one self-divided. They are each as much the same as they are opposites. They argued once and so it all began, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we have yet to speak of Tiamat and she is much more desirous of description than wise-old Abzu”.

The guardian spoke before a cluster of children their eyes rapt with attention; born into this place impossible to understand. The guardian turned to the fishbowl window peering out at the stars. The silent children followed him astride looking into the endlessness.

The Guardian continued, “Tiamat is as vast as Abzu but she is not as evenly spaced; she focuses, peers, and scrutinizes. She is energetic fast and impatient, but think not she is cruel. She is glorious; she spins and writhes with every color except for the solemn blue that was taken by Abzu. She wants for herself, and she wants for Abzu; and once she had spoken, and creation was made, she began to want for every mote of quintessence that flurried and spun into being from that monumental instant. You see little ones, we exist because in a single outburst of her profligate spirit, she spoke to Abzu.
There is much that is unknown: what was it that she said, from whence the did these powers come, or is there even a cycle even beyond limitless Abzu. Worry not over these questions for they can’t be known until the day Abzu or Tiamat desire. Forever since that moment they have been transfixed they are watching; and in the excitement of what has become they cannot blink. Abzu is not as sleepy as he was, but he is just as patient. Tiamat is not as bored as she was, but she is just as curious. They are enraptured by all of us; and indeed, not only all of us. It is a thing that should make you feel both large and small; perhaps without meaning, but never without an audience.
I cannot say if we were of their intention. In that moment though, when Tiamat spoke, the divide between the two was no more. Abzu and Tiamat became one again; whether they have before, or will again is also unknown. What we do know is that these words are not merely a myth; for in the instant they made that which has become us; they also made a great and terrible monster. Don’t think we can blame them for their folly though children, for we have made the same mistake”.

The guardian turned away from the window the children followed in the dim lighting of the corridor. Little robes swishing on felt-like carpet as they hurried to keep up with so much to learn. The guardian led the children into a theater near the back of the ship. They had learned to speak and their vocabulary was full; now it was time to show them how all of these new concepts inter-related. Their education, their training, had begun.

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