I Love the Internet

I’m old enough to remember the world before the internet. What a revolution it’s been coming from that world into this one: calamitous, cacophonous, virulent, and voracious. Strangely it has also been silent, subtle, magnanimous, and magnificent at the same time. To have more than a million Libraries of Alexandria at the tips of my fingers; literally; god it would make the ancient scholars weep with joy to imagine such a thing even possible. It would probably also make them weep if they could see how we use it; well, probably after they finished masturbating.
I find forums to be riddled with this element of je ne sais quoi. Like a humorous way of marveling; something of a joissance I suppose; Oddly I know virtually nothing about the French nor do I speak French, but I’ll be damned if they don’t put words to difficult concepts; it’s little wonder they were a power-house of continental philosophy.

Anyway back to forums, and by forums I mean all of communication platforms. I think so much of the contentious nature of forums is because they are frozen in a state of super-position. What you write there is being usually seen by an extremely select few; and contains the legitimate scant capacity to have been seen by virtually the entire world in less than 24 hours at the same time. That’s a lot of semi-pseudo-pressure to put on a the standard jerk while they are wearing the Ring of Gyges. It’s little wonder people start acting like they are behind the wheel when they are behind their keyboard.

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