On Complicity and Justifiable Skepticism

I am normally a pretty even-tempered guy. I have noticed that the SSRI medicine the V.A. has me taking currently (Venlafaxine HCL 75MG 3X a day) has awakened some emotions from my long-lasting depression that I am unused to dealing with.
None-the-less I don’t really feel like I am not me; even if I do notice some out of character behaviors from time to time (I do get more angry than I am used to, but I have yet to see any anger that I’d call irrational).
I was recently arguing with a guy about this whole Syria chemical weapons strike.
I have already told you in prior posts my unpopular opinion about it; but I’ll summarize: I say it doesn’t make sense for Assad to have done it. I don’t like/trust Assad, I don’t like/trust Russia. I am not on their side, but still I don’t think Assad did it. I think the media is lying to us; it all looks way too similar to how 100% certain they were that Iraq had WMDs. Again I don’t trust Assad, I don’t  trust Russia I don’t trust RT, I don’t trust the CIA, and I don’t trust the American Media; I demand evidence before I shut-up, or sign-off on killing people.
I Joined the Army after the Media lied to me saying that Iraq had WMDs, that lie did so so much more damage to the world and to my life than anyone could make an honest accounting of. I refuse to sign-off on a repeat. I will never support a war on only the media and intelligence community’s word and affirmations that the war is justified. That stopped being good enough the last time they got busted lying to us.
So I was in an argument with this brainwashed mother fucker. and he was pissing me off something fierce. Then he had the gall to tell me that I was downplaying the severity of the crime/situation.
Hold the fucking Presses…… I sacrificed 4 years of my life because of the last time the Intelligence community told a big fib to congress. Beyond that I lost so much more than a simple 4 years during my service which I would not have lost if not for the media, and congresses, and the intelligence community’s complicity in that fucking lie. And to have some fucker tell me that I am down-playing the issue; That I am not taking it seriously; that I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about!? that’s just beyond the pail So fuck yes I let that bastard know just how seriously I am taking this issue, Most Americans are happy to stick some yellow magnet on their bumper and then spend the rest of their day forgetting what is being done in their name, what they are letting happen, and what war looks like, and who is suffering, and who is profiting.
Well not me; and if that’s crazy, then I guess Crazy I am. I for one am starting to think I am one of the only sane people left in this country of lunatics.

Some of the Context:
Guy I was arguing with is Red he said:

And posted this link:

I said: DM2
and posted this link:

To Clarify: I don’t like Trump, but I don’t like Clinton either. I can explain in great detail why for both.

Then it went thusly:


Yeah so that escalated quickly; but I am so fucking tired of this shit. It’s time we start realizing how huge the consequences of our passivity and ignorance is.
It is time we start demanding more from our selves.
It is time we start acting like responsible adults guiding a representative republic. If we don’t, won’t, or can’t then we don’t fucking deserve our freedom. That’s the bottom line; sorry princesses reality is a fucking hard and cruel and brutal place and you gotta put on you big-kid pants or get out of the way; shut-up, and let the adults deal with the important shit.
For Fucks Sake I can’t Express how Livid this Shit Makes ME!!! The Founders would be rolling in their graves if they could see what we’ve become; and they weren’t all that noble either.
The people of my country are making me fucking sick to my stomach. America should be better than this, smarter than this, more responsible than this; it is a sad sad day that is dawning over our nation and I am realizing the people are just as much to blame as anyone else. Wake the fuck up buttercup.
There go all my followers, but if you can’t handle the truth, this wasn’t the place for you anyway. I can live with it.

And Lastly I let Red know what I wrote here; I don’t talk behind people’s backs.

Edit: So having some afterthoughts on this. . .
I kinda gotta admit I went a bit too hard I think on that point. I think it is every bit as serious and severe as I was trying to express that I feel it is; but I probably could have used a more communicative rhetorical device than a knife-fight-to-the-death. I think I am going to have to pay extra careful attention to my temper. I haven’t been angry for years going through this depression I’ve just been numb for so long. I forgot what being livid felt like; and I forgot how badly I always managed my temper, I’m too old to be letting myself pop off like that. I guess I still have a lot of work to do, still it could have been worse.
I wouldn’t say I was even wrong, just overzealous.
What can I do though? how can I convince my country-men that we are about to make the same mistake we have been making over and over and over. We can’t keep turning a blind eye to what our military machine is doing in our names. It certainly seems I have yet to find the right argumentative formula to make people who refuse to look for the truth see. I’ve tried showing them the evidence; I’ve tried humiliating them with their ignorance; I’ve tried pleading with them to see; I’ve tried kicking them in the ass. Nothing works. Now I’m left feeling like an asshole and I still haven’t even convinced a single damn person to question the official line. At least I sent a final note to Red: maybe he’ll see it maybe he won’t. I’ve still go a lot of work to do on myself. I’m still a royal mess. I’m almost half as fucked-up as our world is. I’m so damn tired.

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