For The Record

I am not suicidal anymore; I have been, I was for years, I couldn’t tolerate this world and for a long time I stood on the brink of taking my own life.
Not anymore. I have found my Voice; I have found my purpose.
I have no intention of hurting myself or anyone else. But I do take my responsibilities as a citizen very very seriously. So yes; it’s with hyperbole that I say I’m willing to knife-fight someone to prove that I am taking what I am saying seriously. But also I have before and am willing to again lay my life on the line in service of the issues I think are of utmost importance.
I am generally a pacifist. I don’t want war, I don’t want strife, I don’t want unnecessary suffering to exist. But I’m no lily-livered coward either.
I’ve done enough to prove that to myself. I don’t need to prove it to anyone else, but I am in no way shape or form scared to prove it if needs be.
I think we humans can overcome most of out problems without violence. And we should overcome most of our problems without violence. I decided instead of killing myself I was going to take action. THIS BLOG IS THE WAY I’VE CHOSEN IS BEST TO TAKE ACTION. It is non-violent serious; light-hearted full of love. it is a space where I can be the change I want to make in the world. This is my life’s work. It will continue to be my life’s work.
AGAIN I have no interest or desire to hurt anyone else, nor myself, if anyone ever tells you I did hurt myself or someone else on purpose after this point in my life; you should take it with a truck-load of skepticism. Because that is not who I am; and if it were to change I would make my intent very very clear.
I work for Truth. I work for Peace. I work for Love. I work for happiness. I work for a better world. That is who I try to be.

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