On the Limitations of Love and the Expansive Cultures of Callousness: Part 1; Section 1: Subsection I-A

On the Limitations of Love and the Expansive Cultures of Callousness: Pt. 1; S. 1: S.s. I-A

Love can be the best thing:
This does not mean love is always a good thing.

I have come to see that Love is so often the driving emotion behind the greatest endeavors of humankind. It is also so commonly the originating cause of many of the greatest failures of humankind.
It is through love that all of our negative emotions are made manifest. In this subsection I intend for us to explore our personal selves to find validation of this truth. What is it that you hate, and why do you hate it? I find in myself the answer to this question regardless of the subject always returns to an injury done to love. I suspect it is a feature of the nature of love that causes this to occur. The same effect is true if we explore our fears, our prejudices, our rages, our angers, our sadness, our guilt, our shame, our regrets, our depressions,  our anxieties, and even our very pain. It is the injury to that which we love that makes these things so intolerable.  It is what gives amperage and magnitude to the weight of the emotions we feel. It is a necessary component of the hard-wiring of our brains. I even go so far as to suspect it is integral to that ever confusing phenomena of consciousness and identity.
This Is a very bold claim I think. As it is such a bold claim I wish to pause and give time to await feedback and criticism before continuing. I wish to allow us all time to let this idea gestate; I hope you will interlocute with me in the creation of this crystal.

End of S.s. I-A

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