On the Limitations of Love and the Expansive Cultures of Callousness: Part 1; Section 1: Introduction.

I am astonished by how solidly I am finally finding my voice through the tool of this blog, it is a shame I didn’t do this sooner.004

My life has caused me to make a very detailed study of the phenomenon of Alienation. Lately I have been finding many of my thoughts finally crystallizing in sensible fixed structures of comprehension. My life has granted me a very rare gift of the possession of a rather unique perspective. I am a cultural exile. The culture through which I was spawned is one I have abandoned having found it lacking. I wanted to pursue truth and deeper understanding of everything. This journey has led me through great trial and much pain, it has also had the unintended effect of causing others great trials and great pains. To those of you to whom this applies, you know who you are: I am truly honestly sorry for that. I believe with the entirety of my being that those consequences of my actions were unavoidable, but I don’t shirk my responsibility for them. I can only offer my regret and my most sincere hopes to somehow make amends one day.

I have much to explain and I hope to do it well. I expect this work will take a great deal of time; and I expect I will find need for revisions, and more time to incorporate feedback during this process.
This is intended to be an actual revolutionary philosophical work; and part of its revolution will occur through the unique format I am finding this blog to offer.
This will be one of the first Philosophical treatises written to be able to undergo a rigorous process of public-forum-peer-review through the entirety of its creation. In many ways I expect this work will become a collaborative work rather than one entirely of my own construction. I have a worthy treatise structured in my mind at this moment, but I firmly believe the idea is more important than any of my aspirations toward financial success, historical significance, or personal artistic celebrity (which as any artist I bear the shame of that ego).

I believe the contents of this work will be invaluable for overcoming cultural-alienation; separatist-disregard, and political-historical-acrimony. All of which are among the most intense human problems our world faces today.
I feel incredibly inspired to begin this endeavor and hope to foster an environment of flourishing for many great minds on the topic. I will not delete any comments that have no criminal implications. This is an open-source, crowd-funded, public-production. I eagerly anticipate any and all productive comments and criticisms. I look forward to working together; and this sentence could not be more apt as I am confident the following work will demonstrate.

End of Original Manuscript; 22 April 2016 1:13pm CST

Written by Joseph Price in open collaboration with all the associated voluntary thinkers of Planet Earth; denoted in the text and comment sections of the pages here after described in any post on this site originally labelled: “On the Limitations of Love and the Expansive Cultures of Callousness” including all parts, sections, subsections, and originally affixed internet comment sections.
This work has no copy-write, is free and available to all people who wish to read it, and god-willing may no claim upon it ever be laid by anyone, and may those who seek to destroy it face their worst fears in magnitude surpassing even that of my hyperbole.

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