The Cresalith Part 1

Amy was looking around the house for her little-sister, Carmela. She felt like she had looked everywhere and was beginning to get worried. It was the first time she had ever been allowed to babysit, and her sister was missing. She felt angry at her sister; she felt angry at herself. She opened the front door and yelled outside “Cara?!” She waited for a response but there was none. As she started to close the door she heard a soft rustling noise coming from behind her in the coat-closet. “Cara stop playing around” she said as she opened the door. She was not prepared for what was waiting on the other side.

As she saw it she yelped in shock; falling backwards in a screaming terrified mad shamble to escape. She had only seen it for a moment but the image was forever seared into her young mind. Flanked by the hanging garments it peered at her with too many eyes. With a rattling hiss it tried to catch her with its two long scaly arms that bent as though they belonged on an octopus. At the end of the arms its hands had six fingers each; four of them were meaty and met together as though the creature had two thumbs on each hand. Those four grabbing fingers closed like a vice and looked strong enough to pop a person’s head like a pomegranate. Its middle two fingers were long and slender, each ending with a sharp hollow spine.
Despite its speed, the creature had missed her only because of the fortune of her falling. She scrambled in a crawl-like stumbling-run as she tried to get her footing. The front door was still ajar and she raced for it. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end; she could feel the creature about to grab her at any moment. She felt its reeking breath cling to her clothes as she wrenched the door open and flew through it. She ran screaming across the yard and into the street. She passed a dim yellow street lamp and saw her shadow cast in front of her, only her shadow.
It was then she ventured a glance behind her. There was nothing there. Shakenly she stopped running, staying in the relative safety of the streetlight. She looked back at her house. There was a long trail of light reaching out of the open front door, but there was no creature to be seen anywhere. She scanned the shadows and the trees. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked above her at the metal arch of the streetlight, the breath released when she saw nothing there. Her skin crawled, she was shivering in the night and her blood was running like ice in her veins. She tried to silently fight back tears, but a mournful sob escaped her lips. Two instinctive fears ran through her mind; one freezing her in place, the other demanding her to move: where did the creature go, and where was Cara?

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