The Conflict of Mass Punishment and Religious Dogma

I want to share an amusing tale with you all:
When I was in the Army any time some dirt-bag did a dirt-bag thing, those with authority would call a formation and make everyone do push-ups and such to punish everyone until whoever the perpetrator was ‘manned-up’ and ‘stepped-out’. Well me in my idiot idealism would say to myself “what would Jesus do in this situation”, because that is how I made morality work for myself when in a dilemma (which is not to say I was always a saint, but in general I tried very hard to be good and righteous).

“Well”, I would say to myself. “Jesus would sacrifice himself for the sins of others that’s what the good lord would do; and I wanna be like him”. So I would step forward brave and bold, like the noble martyr and face the punishment my peers were too afraid to take upon themselves.

Which kind-of defeated the purpose because aforementioned dirt-bag would get away Scott-free. Then to top it off I could never figure out why some people thought I was a sleaze-ball so often, and those who knew better thought I was a total rube.

Hahaha. Sometimes right when I think I am a pretty smart guy, I need to remind myself just how stupid I can be.

The moral of the story:

Don’t use mass punishment; if you do, don’t always trust your results.
Lastly being like Jesus is great and all, but even that has its extremes.

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