Some Potential Implications of Quantum Physics upon Philosophy

This is meant to be a layered outline of the many differing potential truths of quantum mechanics: including philosophical underpinnings of some of the different implications of particle physics upon philosophy. I secondarily want to write this to appreciate the gap between the metaphysical mind and the neurological mind.

Does the conscious mind exist in the matter of the brain itself or does it lie hidden in some metaphysical realm within the wave-forms of the electrical component of axonal electro-chemical-excitement?

At some points in the transference of information within the human brain there is an electric impulse. An electric transmission of information takes place in the human mind. Considering this, I wonder if it is not possible that these impulses may be subject to forces that are negligible to our world of macro-sensory-perception.

There are problems within the observations of the world of quantum physics which demonstrate the limitations of our systems of logic to apprehend the logical complexity of the world we live in. with our infantile comprehension of the world of quantum computing it should lead us to realize that there may be forces at play in the formulation of our own conscious mind that we have not considered.

Is it possible to Be and Not-Be at the same time?; in the same way?; from the same perspective? Is it possible for the human mind to utilize quantum entanglement? Cant the human mind exist somewhere within the fragile existential state given to quantum indeterminacy? Is it possible that Logic could explain the quantum world, and if so what would it mean to the way we comprehended the world around us?

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