Living Slumber Part 1

By the time she heard the rubber squeal of tires it was too late for her to evade. There was a man kneeling over her talking on a cellphone; he had blood on his hands and a terrified look on his face. He was moving frantically as her vision came in and out of focus.
Astral gathered herself and her fears together. She had thought for a long time that if the day had ever come for her to die that she would not be afraid to face her own demise, yet it was not fear that faced her with greatest intensity. It was the sinking inner tragedy of the sheer magnitude of loss that swept against her that she was truly not prepared for. There were too many people that she loved, so much that she would no longer be able to be a part of. She felt with absolute certainty that this one accident had cost her everything that could have ever mattered; in a single premature moment, and for no godly reason at all. She only barely noticed how tired she was feeling, the fear and the worry faded off as she slipped away.

Astral suddenly felt as-though she was wide awake, but she was surrounded by total blackness. She was apparently floating in what seemed to be an endless empty void. “I must be dreaming” She thought. Try as she might she could not invent a method of awakening. She remembered that she had gotten hit by the car, and she began to fear that she was comatose. Then she thought an even worse thought, “What if I am dead”. She pushed that idea from her mind, and focused herself repetitiously anew to waking herself up. After what felt like hours of hysteric determination she broke-down and prayed an echo-less call into the endless silence.

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