Foreverglade Part 1

I am holding as tight as I can to the rope and I leap away from the branches. I am falling fast towards the bottom of the long arc. I feel a rush of fresh fear the rope has become hard to hold and my body feels heavy I am afraid I am going to slip off and be cast down into the murky water. I have passed the bottom and am beginning to rise again. Looking at my barbed-wire target I release the rope.
Shit! Shit! Shiiiit!
The moment the rope leaves my hand I know I have let go too late, my arc is too high. I keep rising but I still haven’t even made it halfway to the wire. I am falling now I am certainly not going to make it. I land in the water; a loud splash announces my presence to every unknown predator and parasite that has been eyeing me hungrily for as long as I can remember.

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