I have had this idea of trying to centralize all of my diverse activities under one umbrella. I am a fairly creative person. I have a lot of passion; a good deal of discipline; I am adept at a decent splattering of skills; I am also tired; I find motivation fleeting; I am mentally disordered in a way that I’m not even sure whether it is neurochemical  or philosophical; perhaps both. I am starting in the middle of things. Media Res as they say, but it’s not my intention to get ahead of myself. I am not trying to craft a narrative here. I am not trying to make a chronology. I am trying to make a mind map. This is an exercise in the macrocosm to influence the microcosm. My own mind is rather chaotic and unruly much like this place will be; mayhaps one day it will become unified and sensible. This is a place for me unfiltered; a place where you will see me contradict myself. I am often a contradiction. I have torn my past misguided worldview asunder and rebuilt anew from the shards, ashes, and bedrock.
It has happened more than once; as of now I am in the process of attempting yet another rebuild. The soul of a phoenix, the spirit of a wolf, the mystery of the owl, the reflection of the braying ass. I have no issue pointing at my faults and flaws, I try to correct them when I am able. I do not hate myself, but I do resent existence. I don’t hate living, but I loathe what our world has become.
I have tried to find a way in this world many times, travelling such absurd paths to become what I am. I am still searching. I suppose you, Reader, are wondering who I am, It’s a long story, it will unfold. I’m not trying to be mysterious; I’m just trying to prioritize for my vision of what I am trying to make here.
So to make a brief skim of it I am an artist. I am trying to find a way to make a living by painting. Later I shall regale you with the epochs and adventures that have lead me to this point. I’m not sure if it is my endgame strategy, but it’s something I can do. Something I can do is a big deal for me oddly. You’ll also enjoy learning about why there are so many seemingly simple things that I am entirely incapable of, despite having what I self-elatingly consider a formidable force to bear in terms of comprehension, insight, logic, analysis, and execution.
As I said I am a contradiction, but I am not proud of it; I hope to overcome it. So considering that you have gotten the point, Reader; I’ll spare the purple-prose and list what it is I do and some of what you can expect:
Visual Arts:

Paintings, Drawings, Flash, Graphics, Design, Sewing, Sculpting, Carving, and the like.

Writing and Literature:

Short Stories, Poetry, Blog Entries, Pontification, Random Thoughts,  Perhaps a Serialized Novel – so forth.

Philosophy Life and Satire:

Stand up comedy videos, self-abasement, self-adulation, thoughts, points, maybe some politics if I feel the need, likely many ramblings on firey subjects that will alienate everyone up-to, and including, myself.

Repurposing/Upcycling Projects:

Millions of ideas we will see what happens.

This is basically an outline of material I already have ready to Data-Dump, so there will ideally be expansion from there. I’ll likely do the data dumps in patches. But for now I’ll call this a decent place to start with a decent name.

Confucius would be very calm and observant of me.
(Which takes me all the way back to Lao-Tzu and my painting at the top of this post. Titled: “The Anti-Tao”)

What is divided is together whole and entirely apart.

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